The Red Rose and the Dark Room

The Red Rose and the Dark Room

blood red rose dark rose

 I woke up to find myself in a huge,  well-furnished room. It was a beautiful, grand room that was fit for a king. Sunlight streamed through the windows illuminating the place and its grandeur even more. I loved it. I moved around looking at the paintings and tapestry on the walls.  Suddenly the sun disappeared behind a thick cover of clouds and out of nowhere a dense fog of darkness descended down upon me. It was pitch black. I slowly moved, with my arms outstretched to avoid colliding with anything, towards a point where I thought the exit was located. The more I walked, the larger the room seemed to stretch.  I walked for what seemed to be an eternity and finally my outstretched hands felt the wall. I groped along to find the door, only to find more of the wall. I groped and groped and walked along the wall for hours. ‘I saw the door somewhere here,’ I thought. ‘It couldn’t just disappear.’

Many hours passed and I sat down on the cold hard floor exhausted. And again I started my search after a few minutes. Wall. More wall. Emptiness. Wall. Where am I?  I panicked and started to search frantically for the exit. As I moved forward, something caught my foot and I stumbled onward. My head banged on something wooden on the way down and I lost all consciousness even before my body hit the ground.

A long time passed. For how long I lay there unconscious only God can tell. It seemed like years to me afterwards, but that was not logically possible. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see particularly nothing. I sat up and turned around to my right as I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A beam of light! The room was still dark, but a thin beam of light came into the room from high up above from somewhere. My eyes followed the beam upward to find its source, but I just couldn’t. The beam went up and up and so out of my vision’s reach. It was surreal. Then I followed it downwards.

And there I saw it. Illuminated under the beam of light stood a beautiful golden vase. What was more beautiful was a little green plant that the vase held and what was even more beautiful was a Red Rose that the plant held. I was mesmerized   by its beauty. I had seen so many roses, but this one was different. Something about it was heavenly. It stood there blood-red. This was the only living form that I had come across after a long time.

‘What are you?’ I asked the rose, out loud.

The rose looked at me mockingly.

I wanted to touch it. Feel it. Smell it. I stood up and walked towards the plant. My right hand went towards it mechanically. But then, something moved within me. Something that had been dormant for a long, long time awoke and it spoke.

‘What are you doing?’ It hissed angrily. ‘The rose. The rose is not yours and you know it.’

I froze there for a moment.  ‘Yes,’ I said to myself. ‘I understand, I understand now. The rose is not mine,” I said, as somehow realisation dawned upon me. I stood there without knowing what to do.

‘Concentrate on the task at hand!’ my inner voice commanded. ‘Find the exit!’

‘But, but the rose,’ I stammered. ‘I want it.’

‘You cannot have the rose.’


‘It’s not yours.’


‘That is the design.’

I was on the verge of losing my mind.

‘Then why was I shown the rose out of nowhere?’ I demanded.

Silence reigned. The voice had disappeared.

I turned around to look at the rose, but it was not there too. The beam of light was now illuminating an empty spot. Slowly, right in front of my eyes, the beam vapourised into nothingness. The room was now completely dark.

‘I have to start the search again,’ I said to myself. But for the second time that day I realised something else. I was trapped. I was trapped forever.

                                                                                    – dexternepo