A Question to God

It is highly disturbing that we humans are nothing but little specks of insignificant dust-motes floating in this vast universe which may be just another dust-mote in an ever bigger universe. I recently read a quote of the great saint Ramana Maharishi which was kind of depressing.

Your duty is to be; and not to be this or that.

Shouldn’t we have any aspirations? Is destiny a lie? Are our lives completely and utterly pointless? Why were we put on this unholy mess that is this planet? Yeah, Earth is beautiful, but one wrong step and you could end up with your guts splattered all over the place. We have been imprisoned in this planet for some reason which only God understands. I don’t think humans have the intelligence to understand God and so I am not going to judge God for what he has done to us. But to think that our sole purpose is only to realize God and reach him is kind of hard to digest. I see so many things happening around me and I want to do something, be something, but what is the point? This is all an illusion, a scene in God’s dream, and I am being told that there’s no point in altering something that is not real. This may be a maya, an illusion, but when it hurts it really hurts. I cannot live a life that is pointless. This life is boring and I need a mission. All I need to know is this: What should I do with my life? What should I do next? No, meditation is not helping. I am not hearing you speak to me when I meditate; they told me that I would. Is there anything that I need to do? What do you have in mind for me? Maybe you don’t because I am just another little speck of dust that is pointlessly floating inside this endless creation of yours. They are telling me that I should be grateful for what you have given me in this life. But I don’t like this life. I am grateful to you for what you have given, but you have also taken away so much from me. I don’t even know what to think. But I am being told to be blindly grateful to you because you know what’s best for me and that this is part of a plan or a learning process.

Okay, God, I am getting tired. Now just tell me what I should do.