Best of my posts

Think about it!

Steve Job’s words – Dec 2011


The Death of Indian Cricket – Jan 2012

The World Cup 2011 final – as I saw it – May 2011

Well said, Bedi! – Jan 2012

Sachin Tendulkar and King Arthur – Jan 2012

Sachin Tendulkar VS Sir Don Bradman – Dec 2011

Fan falls at Sachin’s feet after his 100 in Ranji match – January 2013

Best Ever Sachin Tendulkar Video! – March 2012

Sir Sachin Tendulkar – March 2012 (I wrote this post after Sachin completed his 100th 100)

Books and Authors

The wonderful world of Enid Blyton – Dec 2010

Tours and Trips

The Coorg Trip – August 2011


The only place where science and religion go hand in hand


My Thoughts

The Red Rose and the Dark Room (A short story written by me)


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