My Date with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

I came from home from work early yesterday because of a personal problem and I started watching TV. I was watching the second or third episode of the eighth season of Big Bang theory, and in that episode, Sheldon asks Howard to name a mathematician/physicist after whose name a cookie brand exists. The answer is Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz — a 17th century German.  I didn’t think much of it yesterday, but today, I missed work and went to a library. I climbed to the third floor, only because the third floor housed the computer science section, and as I was running through the books, I came across non-computer science books and I discovered that the third floor also housed books on philosophy. And one of the very first books I saw had the word “Leibniz” written on bold letters. “Is this the same Leibniz?” I asked myself. “Wasn’t he a physicist or mathematician? What’s he doing under Philosophy?” I took the book in one hand and started googling on my phone on the other hand. Turns out, Leibniz was a  physicist, mathematician, and a philosopher. That was a strange coincidence — to have a book of a guy you just heard about for the very first time in your life just the previous day. I wasn’t really in the mood for serious reading and I put back the book after reading the first few pages. But the day hasn’t ended yet and I am watching video after video of him on YouTube.

Mr.Leibniz, you are a really interesting person and we have a lot to talk.


A Divine Thunder!

What is this magic I am under?
It rocks my world like thunder!
Are you an angel, I wonder
You rip my heart asunder!
Like a river I flow and meander
Not anymore, I surrender!
Now I stumble, stall, and flounder
When I am just not around her.
Have you come to loot and plunder?
Tell me O angelic marauder!
I am a lost horse on a blinder
Why can’t you be my finder?

— dexternepo

Lost and Found

I searched for it in the darkest of dungeons
In the thickness of green woods
In long lost memories
In sacred temple altars
Under tall trees and over beautiful flowers
In the middle of mountains and before vast lakes
Even in the midst of friends and family
And the brightness of broad daylight
But never did I find it anywhere,
before being with you…

– dexternepo

The Angel in the Darkness

I walked amidst bushes and brambles, finding my way through tall dark trees as the moon played hide-and-seek behind the clouds. I struggled as I walked through the pathless heavily wooded terrain. With not a soul in sight and my own voice for company, I asked myself, “What am I doing? Why am I here?” And there I was, toiling through the woods for as long as I could remember. I hoped to get out of the woods, I hoped to feel a human embrace. But it all seemed wishful thinking as I marched on wearily. It was starting to get cold, and with each step my feet started to feel heavier. I trudged slowly and reached an ancient oak tree. As I stood there breathing heavily, I heard two birds chirping to each other. At the blink of an eye, a flood of warm light poured down from up above. I shielded my eyes and peered into the light as I saw the most beautiful being descend down through the light beam. I stood there stunned as I wondered what divine being this was. “An angel, she must be,” I said to myself. She smiled the most beautiful smile at me,  and I noticed her lovely rosy cheeks. The warmth from the light banished my coldness and her mere presence gave me strength. She slowly descended down and her feet gently touched the ground. I stood there astounded without uttering a single word.

“Are you not going to speak to me?” the Divine Angel asked me.

“Yes! Yes!” I said, breaking into a smile in a very long time. “Who are you?”

“Just a fellow traveller,” she said, still smiling.

“Will you come with me?” I asked hoping against hope that she would say yes.

The Divineness smiled. “No,” she said as my smile vanished. “But you come with me.”

I jumped with joy as I beamed ear to ear. “Really? I can come with you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said smiling even more.

She put out her hand towards me, still standing in the beam of light. I walked forward as my right hand reached towards her’s. Our hands clasped each other and in that very moment I felt joy and warmth rushing within me. Feelings that I had never felt before ran wild and I smiled at her like a lunatic. I felt so much love — love that I hadn’t felt since my childhood. The angel looked like my mother for an instant. “She is my Divine Mother!” I said to myself. It was at this moment that I realized that this is what I had always wanted. I felt at home. All my troubles vanished and I felt stronger a thousand times. “My Divineness!” I said to her as she embraced me. “You are everything I ever wanted!” I mumbled as I rested my head on her shoulders. “Do not ever leave me,” I told her.

“I came for you and I will be with you always,” she said.

And that was all I ever wanted to hear.

The Elements of Earth and Wind — Episode 2

The following is a continuation of The Elements of Earth and Wind.

The ground shuddered, causing a flock of startled birds to fly up in random directions — only to be caught up in a passing whirlwind. The air was filled with feathers all around. Panicked animals shot out of their hideouts as fast as they could. There were ripples and small waves all over the lakes and ponds nearby. “It’s the apocalypse!!!” shouted a sloth bear as it ran without a hint of any slothfulness. Is it really the apocalypse? Is this the end of the world? Not really. A closer look (by those special endowed beings and above) revealed something else. Love was in the air… and also in the ground. The Wind and Earth elements had fallen in love — deep love. The Wind element often built itself into whirlwinds and tornadoes to impress Earth. The Earth would respond by blushing, sending tremors around, and when it showcased its love, entire rivers changed courses.

But wait a minute? Didn’t God cast out these spirits previously? He did; only to give them a reprieve. These elements are part of God’s plan for something greater that was to come, and so God brought them back — a decision which he instantly started regretting.

A huge tornado raged across the planet.

“Oh my Divine Earth, look how mighty I am!” beamed Wind.

“Yes, you are so strong, sweety!” replied Earth. “But you are still younger than me, and also dumb.”

“What?” said the Wind, slowly losing its force. “I am younger than you?”

“So you accept that you’re dumb,” teased Earth. “That’s nice of you to accept.”

“No and no! I am not accepting anything,” replied Wind. “How am I younger than you?”

“Basic science, sweetheart,” smiled Earth. “I, Earth, came into existence before you did. There wasn’t even any atmosphere back then. If you had seen me how rough and fiery I was at that time, you wouldn’t even have fallen in love with me.”

“I would have still fallen in love and I know that.”

“There was too much volcanic activity and I was so hot. There wasn’t a hint of all this beauty and cuteness that you talk about right now, baby,” said Earth in a condescending tone just to further irritate Wind.

“I am sure you were so beautiful and cute even at that time,” huffed Wind.

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

Earth let out a rumble of laughter. “You’re so cute.”


Meanwhile, up in the Heavens, an old man with a long silvery beard and a flashing white robe sat deep in thought.

“Lord God, are you seeing what is happening?” came the meek voice of a young slender man called Morgan.

“Yes, Morgan, of course I see what is happening. I am God, remember?” replied an irritated God. “I am omniscient, for Go-my sake!”

Morgan was supposed to be the next Messiah to start a brand new religion over which seven new crusade wars were to be fought. He was Marvin the Messenger’s replacement after his untimely death. God was deeply disappointed that his well thought-out plan to start religious wars with Marvin had flopped big time. It wasn’t just the failure of his plan that disappointed him, it was the way in which Marvin died that infuriated him even more. This had happened a few years ago. Things were going according to plan and Marvin even had a set of his own disciples. He had slowly started converting a group of sun-worshipping villagers to his brand new religion and they were getting ready for his sermon under a banyan tree. This was exactly when the unfortunate incident happened.

God was closely monitoring the event with much interest when he heard something else.

“My Sweetness,” came the voice of Wind. This didn’t get God’s attention much as he did know how crazy wind can get.

“Yes, my baby,” replied Earth, much to God’s surprise. (“Oh my me,” He sat down heavily in disbelief).

“I love you!”

“I love you too,” replied Earth, blushing.

The blush sent a strong tremor towards the village — straight to the banyan tree.

“Do you know why I am here?” Marvin started his sermon.

The tree wobbled unnaturally for a second and came crashing down on Marvin and all his six disciples, effectively ending the religion on that very same day. The stunned villagers decided that he was a cursed man and went back to worshipping their sun god.

Both Morgan and God stared at each other for a few seconds thinking about Marvin’s end.

“It will be different this time,” said God. “This is fate at work and I am not going to meddle with it like last time.”

“How, my Lord God?” asked Morgan.


While God was busy formulating his plan, something else had happened on Earth. The people of all religions, who had seen the harshness of both the climate and the very earth that they live on, decided to move in search of finding a better place. All their attention was on finding new land, a place where there were less tremors and good climate without any cyclones. As a result of this massive search, people learned to live together forgetting their differences. They worked together, looked after each other, made sure that the food that they had was getting distributed evenly, they hunted together, they farmed together in places that they thought could hold them for longer. There weren’t any governments to control them, there wasn’t a need to police them, and there was no time for religious fights. It was during such a time that Morgan was cast into the planet.

“Hear me, great people of Earth!” Morgan declared dramatically as he walked into a group of people.

And this was exactly the moment when God heard something that he didn’t in the least wanted to hear.

A few minutes away from where Morgan was standing, Wind was blowing hard against a hill.

“What are you trying to do?” asked Earth.

“I am going to hug my sweetness,” said Wind.

“You don’t have my permission for this,” said Earth, smiling.

“Oh,” said Wind, it’s force against the hill coming down. “Can I please hug you? Please?”


“Please. I will do anything you say,” Wind pleaded.

“Anything for me?”

“Anything.” (At this point, God becomes quite agitated and turns all his attention towards this conversation from Morgan’s speech.)

“See that big boulder over there,” said Earth, pointing to a huge boulder near the hill. “I’ve never seen that boulder move even an inch in any wind or storm. Do you think you can move it for me?”

“Ha! That’s nothing! I can move it for you,” boasted Wind in his attempt to impress Earth. “I am not just going to move this boulder, I will be throwing it away for you!”

“My hero!” said Earth in her sweetest voice.

Wind immediately started blowing with all his might against the heavy boulder. As Earth had said, the boulder was really strong and heavy and had never moved from its position in the last two thousand years. The Wind huffed and puffed and threw all its might. It formed into a mighty whirlwind and pushed as much as it could. The boulder slowly started to budge.

“I can see where this is going,” said God and he prepared himself for what was about to happen. “Morgan, my child, I’ll save you.”

With one mighty push, the Wind managed to dislodge the boulder and threw it up in the air. The boulder arced a few miles above and it started its descent down — straight to where Morgan was standing.

Having accomplished his task, Wind enveloped the hill from all sides and caressed the hill gently. Earth hummed in delight.

As the projectile hurtled downwards, God snapped his fingers, and the ancient boulder blew into a million pieces as a lightning hit it out of nowhere. God smiled and looked at where Morgan was supposed to be speaking. But something had seriously gone wrong.

“He’s trying to divide us in the name of religion!” shouted a man in the crowd. “Kill him!”

“That is not what I am trying to do, my son,” said a nervous Morgan in the best saintly voice that he could muster under the circumstance.

Stones were thrown from all directions. Morgan the Messiah was now no more.

“My love,” said Wind. “Today was such a beautiful day. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, my baby,” replied Earth. “You were fantastic!”

“No, it was really you.”

“No, baby.”

“Yes, sweetness.”

A dejected God sat heavily in his throne, as both Marvin the Messenger and Morgan and Messiah drank wine at a nearby pub called “The One and Only Heaven.”

My Divineness and Me



I stand here by an ancient oak tree
On a cold winter’s morning
‘Love-struck, he is,’ the birds atop agree
As I wait with eternal yearning.

I feel a gust of wind pass by
And then my Divineness descended down
‘What was this caused by?’
She pretended to ask with a frown.

The warmth of my heart rises
As I forget the cold all around
She stood there — a thousand roses,
A radiant moon above ground.

‘Heaven and hell I can be,’
She said with a mocking smile.
‘I have no nectar, honey-bee,
You think I am still worthwhile?’

‘You can be anything you want to be
But the mist of sweetness, I do smell.
You are the nectar, my Sweetness
And this is where I wish to dwell.

She and I looked at each other
Our eyes locked in an everlasting gaze
‘Then why do you wait further?,’
Said her eyes, as we stood in embrace.

— For My Divineness