The Rain and the Rainbow

I saw the rain raining in front of me.
I was filled with joy as it moved towards me.
The rain rained for what else could the rain do?
If it doesn’t, it is not rain anymore.
As I stood there, taking in the rain around, breathing in, living in that very moment, allowing ecstasy to permeate my body, hoping to feel an energy that at times plays hide and seek with me, the thunderous clouds parted, and down the Sun poured.
“Please go away,” I said to the Sun, “I am on the verge of ecstasy.” But the Sun stood there looking at me; unmoved.
“I am not going anywhere,” said the Sun. “But look over there.”
I turned east to see a marvelous rainbow.
A rainbow of hope.

The rain stopped, but the rainbow hung around.

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