My Divineness and Me



I stand here by an ancient oak tree
On a cold winter’s morning
‘Love-struck, he is,’ the birds atop agree
As I wait with eternal yearning.

I feel a gust of wind pass by
And then my Divineness descended down
‘What was this caused by?’
She pretended to ask with a frown.

The warmth of my heart rises
As I forget the cold all around
She stood there — a thousand roses,
A radiant moon above ground.

‘Heaven and hell I can be,’
She said with a mocking smile.
‘I have no nectar, honey-bee,
You think I am still worthwhile?’

‘You can be anything you want to be
But the mist of sweetness, I do smell.
You are the nectar, my Sweetness
And this is where I wish to dwell.

She and I looked at each other
Our eyes locked in an everlasting gaze
‘Then why do you wait further?,’
Said her eyes, as we stood in embrace.

— For My Divineness