The Elements of Earth and Wind

The Wind element came out of nowhere. It had been in existence for as long as it could remember. But that’s true for any element that’s out there. Sometimes the Wind wondered what it was even doing, but it continued its existence as it couldn’t think of an alternative. The Wind blew hard, the Wind blew low, the Wind went cold, the Wind went hot, and sometimes the Wind just wasn’t there even though it was. What is it that the Wind is doing? It was tired, and it wanted to rest. But rest, it didn’t get. Why? Because it’s the Wind, silly. But the Wind is tired. Yes, but it is also the Wind. Sometimes, the Wind would look up at the Sky and marvel at its vastness and beauty. “Why can’t I be the Sky?” The Wind would ask often. “At least, why can’t I fly up to the Sky?” The Wind persisted. “I feel trapped.”
Sometimes the Wind would look at the Fire element, “He’s hot!” The Wind would say. Yes, but there’s Fire in the Wind as well. The Wind didn’t disagree. “I am just not feeling it right now,” he would say sometimes. “All I want to do is go down somewhere nice and easy and rest.” But didn’t the Wind want to rise up and touch the Sky? Or be the Sky? “Yeah,” replied the Wind, “But I also want to rest.” You can’t have both. “Yes, I can.” The Sky is up and you want to go down, where’s the logic in that? “I don’t need logic,” said the Wind mindlessly. “I can do both.” Oh, you silly element, I now feel sad for you.

And then one day, as the Sun was rising in the East, the Wind came across a beautiful hill. Wind always loved hills and so it climbed itself up and rode down the hill as fast as it could. The other side was a flat plain and Wind continued its march through the plains. It felt good. There was something about those plains and the hill that caught the Wind’s attention. “What is it that I am sensing?” Wind wondered, but it just wasn’t sure what it was sensing. The Wind turned around and blew hard over the hill and the plains. It felt good again. But element Earth just didn’t care. It just stayed there — rock-solid — as it has always been and minded its own business. Wind sensed something in Earth that it had never sensed before. There was an aura of enigma all over those plains and hill. Mother Earth looked tough, and kind; she could punish, but also love; she was young, but possessed the power of a guardian angel of yore. “How could she be all this at the same time?” the Wind asked out loud. Rooted in reality, capable of absorbing and enveloping turmoils and havocs, even those caused by Fire, Earth looked calm and composed. Wind couldn’t contain itself and did what it knows best to do — it blew hard and strong. But this is Earth we are talking about — not the clouds in the Sky, trees on a hill, or boats on the sea. Earth took its own time, for it had all the time in the World, and looked at the Wind nonchalantly. But that one look was enough to make the Wind move hard with excitement.

“You rock!” cried out the Wind down to Earth.

“Yeah, some people think that I am one big piece of rock,” Earth retorted.

“No, no, that is not what I meant,” shouted back the Wind. Earth perfectly understood what Wind had meant, but she liked having things her way.

“Can we be friends?” asked the Wind with a big, wide, stupid grin.


“Cool!” the Wind beamed all over and began to move hard. “You know, Earth, we can fly up, up, and above and touch the Sky!”

“You and me?” asked Earth, unimpressed.

“Yeah!” came down an enthusiastic reply.

“Are you serious?” asked Earth. “You do know that we just can’t climb up together, right? I mean I am Earth and you are Wind and there’s that Sky above. How is this even possible?”

“Belief is the foundation of every single endeavour!”

“Mmmmmmmm that sounds grand,” said Earth casually. “But those are just words.”

“We can do this!”

“Why don’t you come down and take a closer look?” said Earth beginning to doubt the sanity of Wind.

Wind flew down gleefully and began to float as close to Earth as possible.

“So what are you doing right now?” asked Earth.

“We are moving together!” said Wind. “I felt such a great pull as I came down and I am raring to fly up again with you.”

“Sweety, that pull is called gravity and no, we’re not moving together,” said Earth.

“But why?” asked Wind slowing down now.

“Because I am supposed to stay here, silly,” said Earth impatiently.

“But I like you,” came a dejected voice.


“We can fly high in the Sky.”

“You need to understand that those are not the type of games that we should be playing. You do what you do and I’ll do what I do,” said Earth.

“But that could be boring,” said Wind. “I’ve been doing this all my life.”

“Look at the reality!” shouted Earth impatiently.

And in this way, both Wind and Earth started conversing — a conversation that lasted more than a 100 years.


Meanwhile, up in the Heavens, an old man with a long silvery beard and a flashing white robe sat deep in thought.

“Lord God, Creator of Heaven, Hell, Earth, and the Universe, I bow dow-”

“Stop with the formalities and get to the point, Marvin” thundered God.

Marvin, a middle-aged little man, looked up at God nervously. He was supposed to be the next great Messenger to preach a brand new religion over which at lease five crusade wars were to take place.

“Lord God, I hear that this argument between Earth and Wind is still ongoing?”

“I know.”

“Yes All-Knowing Father, but at what point is this going to end?” asked Marvin the Messenger helplessly. “The elements can’t have talk of such nature. All of Creation has come to a stand-still, my Lord.”

“I have run out of patience. This Earth and this Wind — I have to do something about them,” said God highly irritated. “When I gave them a bit of free will, I didn’t expect them to use it all in this silly conversation! All they do is talk and talk and talk and talk!”

“Please do something, Lord God.”

A sudden explosion of light occurs as God snaps his fingers.

The spirit that was Wind is cast away and another spirit takes his place, the spirit that was Earth is replaced by another. These cast-away mighty spirits move through and all around the planet in three great circles and finally take human forms.


A tall, bespectacled boy looked at his companion who was sitting across him at a table in their office cafeteria.

“Did you watch the latest Element Wars Episode 12 The Earth Awakens movie?” asked the boy.

“Yeah, I actually watched it because you kept yammering about how awesome it is,” said the girl.

“You must have enjoyed it,” said the boy smiling.

“It was boring as hell,” said the girl looking at him straight in the eye. “I hated it.”

“What? How could you?” asked the boy shocked and dismayed. “That’s like the best movie ever made in the history of movies.”

“If that’s what you think, then I think you need to watch better movies,” she said getting ready for a challenge.

“Oh yeah?”



High up above in the heavens, God sat gritting his teeth, as the two of his people, who were supposed to help Marvin the Messenger spread his new religion, got ready for a brand new argument.

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