Long Exposure Experiments: Part 1

I wouldn’t call myself a photography enthusiast…heck, I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur photographer. White balance? ISO levels? I just learned those terms a couple of months back. But I do love fiddling with gadgets and software. The following photos are the result of such fiddling. I took these photos at around 2 AM, day before yesterday.

empty benches


building at night

The picture above particularly looks artistic, doesn’t it? These effects were achieved by increasing the Exposure and ISO levels while taking the photos.

long exposed plant, long exposure plant

long exposed plant, long exposure plant

Location: Taramani, Chennai

Camera: HTC One X


Is Apple the Epitome of Greediness?

Apple Vs Samsung

From the beginning of this battle that started in 2011, I followed this series of cases with much interest. I admit that I was on Samsung’s side from the beginning, but I also tried to look at Apple’s claims as an unbiased Android enthusiast (is unbiased-android-enthusiast an oxymoron?). One has to admit that Samsung was heavily inspired by Apple. But how much can one get inspired? — that is the question.

Sometimes I thought Apple was right in its claims, but the following information will make you support Samsung even if you are an Apple fanboy.

Some of Apple’s patents are very silly. Example: Steve Jobs even patented the way in which the iPhones are packaged. Google the words “apple” and “ridiculous” and Google will autocomplete the sentence for you as “apple ridiculous patents.” Go ahead the read the hilarious list of ridiculous patents; it helps me a lot when I feel low sometimes.

In 2012, Apple sued Samsung for the “slide to unlock” feature. The truth is, this feature was first implemented in a Windows phone called Neonide N1m that came out in 2005. I don’t know if it was Microsoft that created this unlock feature or if it was the makers of the Neonide phone, but the mistake was that the feature wasn’t patented. Apple shamelessly patented it and also had the guts to go after Samsung.

I am not going to write anything more about this, because the following article is the best that I’ve read on this topic so far.

If Android is a “stolen product,” then so was the iPhone

apple vs android