Crazy Alien Invasion Dreams

Close Encounters of the Second kind

Of late I have been having dreams of alien invasions. In the past few months I have had these kinds of dreams at least three or four times, maybe even more but I cannot recollect. There are two things that are always common among all these dreams – they always take place when I am at home (in my dream), and they all are alarming.

I really felt scared when I had those dreams. The first set of dreams was almost similar; I was standing on the terrace of my house looking at alien spaceships at a close range – a very close range unlike the alien movies. Some of the alien spaceships are very small (alien drones?) and in some dreams they hover over the terrace and then they chase me around my house (this is where I start to panic). But my last dream was the most horrible of the lot. I actually saw the aliens and they apprehended me at my house.

Close Encounters of the Fourth kind

This time I don’t go to the terrace, I stay hidden in my house and so does everyone in my block. I know that everyone is aware of alien presence in my building and they all silently conceal themselves in their houses. I remain in my house with the rest of my family and we’re all worried of what might happen. I hear footsteps; my front door bursts open and in walks an alien dressed in military attire, more than six feet tall, maybe seven, and gets hold of me. The alien looks half human and half pig! It has a pig like face, but the rest of the body is that of a burly human being – but don’t imagine a pig’s head sticking on top of a human neck, the head is human like with a pig’s features. I stand there paralyzed and I hear the alien talk to me in a threatening voice. I don’t know what language it is, but the tone sounds menacing.

First, I dismissed these dreams as something that I must have caught from TV, but this recurring theme is particularly disturbing. I wonder what this means.

alien invasion

My first attempt at Snowbowling

The first time I ever came across the word snow-bowling was when I was about eight years old — thanks to Flintstones. I still remember how Fred Flintstones would walk on his toes before bowling the ball and shout “yabba dabba doo!” Yesterday, when I had the chance to meet a couple of my old friends, they suggested snow-bowling and I said yes.   It was “yabba dabba doo time!”

snowbowling shoes

snowbowling alley



This guy’s got some style!

So how did I fare? Well, let’s just say there was no beginner’s luck. Although, I did knock out 9 out of 10 pins once. Does that even mean anything? Heck, I don’t even know how to read the scores! 🙂