2013 – a review

I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

 2013 was a roller-coaster ride – a stark contrast to the previous year. 2012 was dull, drab and frustrating. But 2013 was a very different year. Let me do a recap of the last five years.

 2009 – It started off with a learning curve to which I was able to adapt quickly. The rest of the year was fun.

2010 – This was a fantastic year. I had loads of fun. I thought I could move entire mountains with my bare hands! But that’s what you think when everything’s going fine.

2011 – This too was a very nice year.

2012 – I wanted to learn and made some decisions based on that. I knew beforehand that I may not like my decisions. But I needed to learn and one always cannot learn everything by staying within one’s comfort zone. So I stepped outside. It wasn’t fun, but I did learn a thing or two. You see, as I have mentioned above, the previous two years were really nice and I was getting bored. I wanted to learn things and for that I had to do something new. 2012 was good in one thing – it pointed to me my weaknesses. I now know what to improve on.

I was also disappointed that the world didn’t end as promised on December 21. Come on guys! I spent hours watching YoutTube videos. Aliens? The Hadron Collider? The Death Trumpet? I watched it all and nothing happened L. It didn’t even rain!

 2013 :

The year started slowly, but I was strong. I started the year by taking the resolution that 2013 was the year of learning and I should learn as much as I could. I did stay true to this resolution and the amount of learning that I did was very high when compared to 2012 or 2011. But I didn’t meet my expectations. I didn’t touch the mark that I had in mind. But rather than being critical of myself I think I should be content with what I have achieved. I now have a path, or a vague, hazy path to follow. But more importantly I now have hope and this is a lot better than the way I started 2013. I started 2013 with just some positive mindset. I had nothing else other than “I am positive and confident, let’s see how it goes.” Compared to this, I would say that now I am in a very better position.

The middle of the year was nice, but towards the end it turned soar and I was left vulnerable and weak. The September to November period was one of the worst phases in my life. If I depicted my life in a graph then you will see a dip between the Sep-Nov period. Yes, this is all a mental thing. To a third-person, I would look the same in all the last few years that I have mentioned. But mentally, I fight a lot of battles. But surprisingly December turned out to be good, and with each passing day I seem to get stronger. This turn-around happened because I joined a Yoga-Meditation course. I always wanted to learn meditation, but taking this decision to join the course was actually a knee-jerk reaction to the low period. I wanted to come out of my misery and meditation seemed to be the perfect answer.

2013 Key moments:

May: I met a nice person and we became friends

October: I went to Tuticorin after 18 years

November: My Master, Sachin Tendulkar, whom I revere and love retired from Cricket

 2014, unlike the previous years, holds a lot of promise. I have a plan and I need to work hard. Of course, I also need a lot of external help. Divine help.

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