Do you wish to redraft the Constitutional laws of India? I do

Let’s imagine that for some strange insane reason, democracy is abolished in India and again for some strange insane reason I am crowned as the King of India.  Now as the King, the first thing that I wish to do is redraft the nation’s Constitution. Heck, I don’t know what that even means. But hey, I’ve got Google. And hey, Google launched something new this Monday.

Google has launched this new website called Constitute. You can explore the constitutions of about a 160 countries either by topics or by countries. The constitution of an entire nation could be downloaded as a PDF.

google constitute

Click on the Browse Topics button and choose any of the topics that you’re interested in. This lists the screen with the names of the 160 countries – choose any country and learn about that particular topic. It is as simple as that. Or, you can browse the Constitutions by country.

google constitute

So as the King of India, I might want to compare the constitutions of the various countries across the World to get a better understanding. That’s a nifty tool, thanks Google.

Hmmm…..this could come in handy when I am King.


I will never buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3 unless…

My cousin recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 – the 1.9 GHz quad core variant. Needless to say, it is really a very nice smartphone and I liked it. But the thing is, there is not really much of a difference in the end user experience when you compare it with the Galaxy Note 2 or my more than a year old HTC One X.

In fact, the one thing that I strongly dislike about the S4 is its speaker volume is really low. It’s almost like you have to hold your phone in your hands all the time to avoid missing calls. When my cousin tried to Skype a relative of ours, he was forced to wear the headphone as the speaker was not in the least audible. I thought that the volume of my phone could have been better, but this is just worse.

Good speaker volume, clear display legibility under sunlight, decent battery life – all these are basics that everyphone MUST have. The Galaxy S4 fails in the first criteria of mine. The initial reviews of the Note 3 also indicate the same problem. Sorry Samsung, I will continue looking elsewhere until this basic need of mine is fixed.

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I did true multitasking in Android and it was so satisfactory

I have done some minor multitasking in my HTC One X before but today for the first time I did something which qualifies as true multitasking.

I downloaded some music videos and  later decided that I only needed them in MP3 format. So I downloaded an app called MediaConverter, added five to six videos on its conversion queue and I started browsing something using UC browser and after a few minutes, the conversion had completed! Wow, that was fun!

I have read somewhere that this type of multitasking is not possible in iPhone or in Windows phones. But even in android not all apps support multitasking – the YouTube app is an example. You have to stay on the app until the buffering completes or else the buffering starts all over again. Come on Google, you’ve got to fix that! Developers should take advantage of the multitasking system that android offers.

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