You dare threaten my Mother?!!! – The Man of Steel review


Yesterday, I watched the Man of Steel for the second time in a theatre.

Yes, Henry Cavill is not as great as our most beloved Christopher Reeve, but then who can replace Chris? The 1978 Superman is super handsome and radiates warmth like no other man could. But make no mistake, Henry Cavill has done a good job. The only thing that he has to concentrate is on his Superman hairstyle. It particularly didn’t look Superman-like in the scene where he flies for the first time and in a couple of other scenes.

Yes, the Superman-Loise Lane romance is missing

Yes, the action scenes could have been better. There is no scene as great as the space shuttle scene in the 2006 Superman Returns movie.

Yes, there is no “Look up in the sky, It’s Superman!!!”

Despite all these complaints, we have one powerful, satisfactory, cool Superman movie, at least that’s what I think. My only complaint about Superman Returns was that it didn’t have a good climax, but this one is a lot better. Some people say that the flash-back scenes that shows us the trauma that little Clark faced growing up with his Mother and Father were boring. But to me they were of utmost importance. People, we are not dealing with a Spiderman or an Ironman here, we’re dealing with Superman. This was how Superman grew up, and if you have a problem with it, go watch Ironman.  Robert Downey Jr. will make you laugh or hey, better yet, watch the Batman Trilogy and talk about Christopher Nolan’s greatness – the guy who made the new Batman, I mean this new batguy who struggles to fight under his heavy armour (does he even fight?).  The last time I checked, Batman was a Master of Martial Arts.

What I liked:

  •  I am a fan of Russel Crowe and I really liked his role as Superman’s father Jor-EL. The first few minutes that shows us the destruction of Krypton was wonderful. The visual effects were stunning.
  • The scenes that portray the hard and lonely childhood of Clark Kent. I loved the dialogues that little Clark has with his Mother and Father.
  • The climax fight that Superman has with General Zod. The camera beautifully follows Superman as he flies and clearly shows us the punches that he lands on General Zod- I’ve never seen anything like that before.
  • The little scene in which Superman gets angry and shouts “You dare threaten my Mother!!!”  He may be the great Superman who saves this world, but he’s still his Ma’s little son.
  • Superman’s cry of anguish after he kills General Zod. At this particular scene, a person sitting next to me murmured ‘What’s his problem?’ That guy didn’t understand why Superman cried out. That didn’t affect me, but what pissed me off was  he was wearing a Superman T-shirt. I hate these hipster idiots. Has he ever read a Superman comic book? Why was he even wearing that T-shirt? There were a lot of people in that theatre wearing Superman T-shirts and I wondered how many of them were real fans. The one who sat next to me was a dumb-hipster-fake-fan.

The last two points (you dare threaten…. and the cry of anguish) are little things, but very important for the character of Superman.

What I missed:

  • The Original Superman theme composed by John Williams
  • Of course, the Superman-Lois Lane romance

I do accept the fact that the movie could have been a little fast paced, but it’s a lot better than Superman Returns and greater than Batman Begins.

Now that we have settled down with the beginning of Superman, let’s hope that the next part brings us greater Superman goodness!