A new Windows (8) member in our family!

 Yesterday, we (my family and I) had the joy of welcoming a new Windows device into our house – the Lenovo Z585 Windows 8 Laptop. This is the second Lenovo laptop that I am buying and that’s mostly because of the build quality. I am a big fan of the Lenovo keyboards (in contrast I hate HP laptops because of its keyboards) . After all, what is the use of owning a Ferrari car if the steering wheel isn’t comfortable? The keyboard is my steering wheel and I am very particular about it.

 I initially didn’t like the Modern UI that I had seen, but I have to admit that I am developing a liking for Windows 8. It looks fine. Of course, using the mouse to do all the work that is intended for touch is a pain, but all that can also be accomplished with a handful of keyboard shortcuts. So it’s not a big deal. I wonder what the big fuss was all about. Windows 8 is good and I am really wondering why a section of people gave some negative reviews.

windows 8

Why I call T20 crap cricket

I’ve said it before and I am saying it again – DO NOT call T20 as another form of cricket. If you really want to call it cricket then please call it ‘crap cricket’. I see cricket as an Art and not as a sport. Test and One Day matches are so artistic when played in the right conditions, but T20?

Let me give you an example. In the current generation of International bowlers I have never seen anyone as good as Dale Steyn. He is great and I love seeing him bowl in Test matches. Some decades back we had great, fast, fearsome bowlers from West Indies, England, Pakistan and Australia playing this game. But that is clearly not the case now. Let us assume that the IPL has bowlers like Malcolm Marshall, ‘Whispering Death’ Michael Holding, Anderson (Andy) Roberts, Joel ‘Big Bird’ Garner, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Dennis Lillee, Richard Hadlee, Glenn McGrath and their likes – the IPL will be a flop show. Will Chris Gayle be a success (read aggressive) against these greats? I don’t think so.  I have seen him struggle against Steyn.

How do they make the IPL to be so successful?

  • Ideal batting conditions
  • Unnecessary Field restrictions
  • Mediocre bowling

Because of all these factors, a Test match flop show like Suresh Raina is a Tiger all of a sudden. Sorry Raina, that was a bit harsh, but I had to say it. People are becoming dumber by the day.

Maybe all these IPL scams that are happening right now is a blessing in disguise. I hope that the IPL gets banned. I confess that I did watch some IPL, but that was because of a man called Sachin Tendulkar. I watched only when he played. But then, I will watch him even if he plays Golf – a game that I know nothing about. So my IPL watching really doesn’t count as IPL watching.

In December 2011, I wrote a post comparing Cricket and Kung Fu. That post is an example of how much I love cricket – I mean real cricket.

Update: I have posted this post under the category Cricket! Oh, the irony of it!

My Strange encounters with cats


Encounter 1:

This happened a few weeks back. I was standing in the balcony of my house, talking to someone, when I saw a ginger cat walking stealthily towards the balcony on the ledge that runs around the building. Both our eyes met and the cat stood still and stared at me with its head cocked at one side. This cat looked different. I have seen scared cats, angry ones, curious ones, lazy and fearless cats with a what’s-up-dude face, but this ginger cat looked intelligent. It’s eyes were intelligent to be particular and I’ve never seen intelligent looking cats before. Intelligent dogs, yes, but cats, no. It was also sturdy and tough looking – a cat that no one should mess with. I turned towards the person nearby (who was still thinking that I was listening to whatever he was saying), before turning back to look at the cat, but it was gone in a flash.

This reminded me of a creepy encounter that I had a few months back. In fact, it was one of my creepiest moment in life so far.

Encounter 2:

It was past midnight, I was home alone and was sleeping well in my room. I forced myself to get up as I had to visit the loo and I slowly trudged towards it.I had to walk past my grandfather’s room and as I crossed the open doorway I heard a creaking sound. It was the sound of someone getting up from a chair. I stood still for a moment trying to convince myself that it was my imagination. But I new that it was not an imagination; I distinctly heard that sound and I knew that sound very well. A lot of thoughts raced through my mind and I came to the conclusion that it either had to be a thief or a ghost. I didn’t know which was worse. But by this time, my bladder was bursting at its seams and as I eased the pressure a couple of seconds later my brain started to think rationally. It is a thief, I concluded. I got out of the loo and rushed inside the room and flicked the light switch on, ready to pounce on the thief. But it was a cat that I saw instead. A white cat and it tried to hide under the bed. So you’re afraid of me?? I thought. The creepiest part isn’t over yet.

I tried talking to the cat as I usually do when I try to pet cats or dogs. It was a cold night outside and the cat had come in search of warmth. It slowly crept out of the bed, turned around and jumped towards the window and stood at the windowsill with its back towards me. It was about to jump out and I felt sorry for the cat as it really was cold outside. I said in a low sweet voice ‘It’s OK, come in.’ As soon as I said those words the cat suddenly turned and looked at me in the eye as though it had perfectly understood what I had said. I was shocked, as the response was instantaneous. It seemed to have perfectly understood what I said. My legs went weak and I propped myself against the wall nearby for support. I guess, I would have a heart attack if I find myself one day in Narnia amongst talking animals. The cat jumped towards me and stood near my legs, keeping me in its vision all the time. ‘I had enough for one day,’ I thought and I slowly went to my room, half expecting the cat to be inside, and bolted the door shut. Cats have powerful eyes.


Increase in cat population

I have noticed that in the last two years the cat population in Chennai has increased manifold. Before two years, I was able to spot just one or two cats in my street, but now I am easily able to find about seven to eight cats. There are about four or five cats within my office campus alone which weren’t present two years ago and it is so easy to spot cats in every street. This clearly wasn’t the case before. I Googled about this and found this increase to be a side effect of global warming. Global warming has extended the cat breeding season and this increase seems to be happening all around the world! I am not sure if people are even noticing it.

cute ginger kitten