Sir Vivian Richards on Sachin Tendulkar

Sir Viv was recently interviewed by the Times of India and one of the questions asked to him was about Sachin’s retirement.

Question: There’s this talk about Sachin Tendulkar, maybe he is hanging around too long, maybe he should go…

Viv’s AnswerWho are we to tell the Little Master when to go? That’s not our call. We can make suggestions and be opinionated. I believe when you have a guy who has given so much to the game itself, and still has that love and passion, enjoy it as much as you can. There are times we get guys who come rather quickly and go rather quickly. We should appreciate having a modern-day legend around for this long.


That was a great answer. If you are a Sachin critic, you should read it as ‘Who am I to tell the Little Master when to go?’  Legends and cricket greats are always on the side of Sachin. It is the half-baked idiots who have never wielded a bat in their life time that criticize the master.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – My personal take

 If ever I fell in love with a phone, it was more than two years back, when I first set my eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S2. I thought it was simply amazing. Samsung later released the Galaxy Nexus and I almost drooled at it. Till now, I think that the Galaxy Nexus is the best designed Galaxy phone. But after that the looks of the Galaxy line went down hill. The Galaxy s3, Note 2, Galaxy Grand and now the Galaxy s4 – they all look the same and I don’t like the design. The white coloured phones look the worst. If the white HTC One X looks stunning, the white S3 and S4 look pathetic.  Some people use the word ugly, but that I would say, is exaggeration. The recent phones look ordinary, very ordinary. I am not a rich guy who changes his phone often, so when I spend a lot of money on something like the S4, I want it to be perfect. It HAS to look good, no compromise on that. In India, the Galaxy S4 costs about 41,000 Rupees. If I am to consider buying this phone, then its price should be  around 20,000 Rupees. That is the only way for this ordinary looking phone to get into my house. Now compare this phone with the HTC One,  and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

Yes, the S4 is a bit more powerful than the HTC one, but what difference does it make in real world usage? Even the differences between the S3 and S4 are subtle.  I am not just talking about the external design, but also how the phone looks when it is turned on – here too the HTC One wins.



Look at the back of the HTC One and how great it looks compared to the S4. The black S4 actually looks a bit OK compared to the white S4. But as I said, if someone offers me the S4 for a very less price, I would grab it.

I love Samsung for what they did and what they are doing  – they started this Smartphone revolution – this arms race when Nokia was resting on its laurels. I know, I can hear you say that I am wrong. It is Apple who started this. But folks, I live in India and Apple means nothing to me. I don’t own any Apple product, nor does any of my family members. Heck, I don’t even know anyone who does. I usually give a derisive snort, when I read on the Internet that Apple changed the world.  But I do love their Macbook Air laptops.


Sorry Samsung, you lost this round. The Galaxy S4 is not the next best thing.