HTC One X for att (Dual core version)

Three days back I bought the unlocked at&t HTC One X and boy I love it! My search for a good smartphone has finally come to an end. I have been searching for a good phone for the past one year and I am so satisfied with this phone. I initially thought that a 4.7 inch screen was too big. But no. It is just perfect for me.

Why did I choose this phone over the quad core One X, Galaxy S3 or any other top phone?
1. Best value for money. I bought this for 26,000 Indian Rupees from The international version of the One X costs about 31,000 Rupees here and the S3 costs even more.

2. Fantastic design, display and camera and good battery life.

3. Snapdragon S4 Krait 1.5 GHz dual core processor.

The following are the phones that were in contention (along with my reasons for not choosing them).

. Samsung galaxy S3 – ordinary design and too costly ( the design isn’t that bad and I surely would have bought it if its cost is less than 25,000)
. International quad core HTC One X – average battery life and cost
. HTC One S – available in India only with the older S3 processor and I also heard many reports of the ‘Home screen issue’
. Samsung Galaxy S2 – superb phone, but it is almost two years old and more than that it is starting to look boring after seeing the latest HTC phones.
. Samsung Galaxy Nexus – I still think if I should have bought this phone as it costs only 19,500 Rupees now. It might not be as powerful as the One X, but it is still good enough. I consider it to be the most beautiful Samsung phone till date.
. LG Nexus 4 – buying the 8 GB version is a joke and the 16 GB version costs 28,000. But it is still cheap compared to the Galaxy S3. I was thinking a lot about buying this super powerful phone, but in the end it is still going to be a LG phone in spite of being a Nexus.

– Sent from my One X