Apple Vs Samsung: Do you think it was the right verdict?

As most of us would be knowing by now Samsung has lost its case against Apple. The US court thinks that Samsung has blatantly copied Apple. So Samsung has to pay a fine of about one Billion US dollars and also some of its Galaxy phones might be banned. If you ask me I would say that this is totally wrong. The judge in England thinks that Samsung hasn’t copied, but the US judge thinks otherwise.

If I had been the judge, this is what my judgement would have been:

  • From the evidence that have been submitted by Apple, it is clear that Samsung have been heavily inspired by Apple and they did wanted to create Apple like products.
  • But on the other hand, many of Apple’s patents are totally invalid. I am not sure how anyone in their right mind wanted to patent a rectangle with rounded corners. Also, a grid of icons? A grid of icons is exclusive to Apple alone? Come on! I hereby declare these patents to be invalid.
  • Samsung should pay a fine of One Billion Dollars to Apple, but none of their products will be banned.

I am not banning the products because Samsung has done something that Apple has never done before – producing great gadgets for the masses. In the end, I don’t want the consumers to be affected.

VVS Laxman Retires

Another mighty pillar has retired from the Indian team leaving a gaping hole in what was once a solid batting lineup. It is really sad to see the members of the Golden generation leave one by one in the last four years. Team India has weakened a lot and we’ll exactly know how strong we are in our next overseas tour against South Africa. Sachin Tendulkar is the lone man now – the last man belonging to this golden generation; the boy who is refusing to grow up :). It is really going to be interesting to see him play with the younger lot.

Laxman played a very important role in getting us to the Number One position in Test rankings and we’ll really be missing his services in the coming years. How times change. I don’t know which young brat is going to take the place of this gentleman. Thank you Laxman, for all your hardwork and services to our team! We will miss you a lot. Thanks for all those sweet memories.