What is Apple going to do?

The iPhone 5 will be released in few months, or may be even in August. But the big question that we have is what has Apple done to make this phone greater than the Galaxy S3. We know that it is going to be running iOS6 and the point to note here is that iOS6 has nothing new other than a few enhancements and new additions that are already existing in the Android phones. Maybe a better GPU, or a better display? Apart from these kind of enhancements/upgrades I don’t expect nothing much. Leave out the iPhone, even if the Galaxy S4 comes out what new features will it include? I am asking these questions because there is a threshold that we have reached. It’s actually more of a bottleneck . The lack of improvement in the battery technology. It is this field of battery tech that hasn’t improved much compared to the other departments. So is Apple all set to lose to Samsung? Apple already has been forced to increase their display size from 3.5 to 4 inches. This is a company that once famously said that 3.5 inches was the right size for a smartphone. Well, apparently it is not.

So when the iPhone 5 releases there will be this usual fan frenzy. People standing in queues to buy a cellphone?! I usually laugh at these people. Anyway, that’s the world – we have a set of people standing all day for food and another set to buy a cellphone that they could show off. But will it better the S3? We’ll just have to wait.

Waiting for the right smartphone

samsung galaxy s3 and htc one x   I have developed a new hobby – reading reviews of smartphones and tablets everyday and I am so addicted to this. In fact I started doing this more than a year ago. But at that time I had a good reason – I was looking to buy a good phone. But even after buying one last March, I sort of continued reading and watching review videos on YouTube. When I get a chance I even visit my nearest Chroma and Reliance stores to play with those lovely toys. Now I am ready to buy a new smartphone but I just couldn’t decide which one to buy. I was totally enticed by the Samsung Galaxy S2 last year and I still love it, but the fact that it is stuck with the Gingerbread OS puts me off (it can be upgraded, but still I would like to buy a phone that is pre-installed with Ice cream sandwich). And also, it costs about 28,000 Rupees now ($506). I am not ready to spend that much on a phone. In fact, I don’t have the need to buy that kind of a phone. But still, it looks so beautiful and powerful and makes me want to buy it.

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to buy a phone that costs less than 20,000 Rupees and adding to this confusion these Windows phones have started to attract me a lot. I even read some reviews of how smooth the UI is and how fast the Internet Explorer is compared to some Android devices. I saw one particular video that showed how buttery smooth the IE is compared to the browser in Android. I was impressed, but that was when I heard that Windows 8 Phones will be coming out sometime in October this year. I decided to wait till the latest Windows comes out to see how good it is. But I also decided to keep an eye out for a good Android phone that runs Jelly Bean (Good Lord! I am really tired of all these upgrades done by Google).

Today is July 15th and we don’t yet have a Jelly Bean phone on the market, but I am waiting. I’ll wait till November to see if Samsung or HTC releases a good phone (for some strange reason I am not attracted by the phones of LG and Sony). Come on Samsung, HTC has released about four or five ICS phones and you have released just two! The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released a long time ago, but still Sammy did the mistake of releasing a volley of Gingerbread phones after that. I also have to mention that I am not really impressed by some of the designs of Samsung phones such as the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S Advance, etc. The Galaxy S3 looks beautiful, but still the S2 looks better than the S3. Of all the mid-range and high-end phones that have been produced  by Sammy, designwise I only like the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus and maybe the S3. Come on Samsung, learn from HTC. The HTC One series and the HTC Desire V phones look stunningly beautiful.

windows phone 7.5

Doesn’t the Windows phones look exciting?!

Ah, I just have to wait till October or November to see how Windows 8 is going to be and also see if I am going to like any of the Jelly Bean phones that will be released by Sammy and HTC.

The Windows 8 Trilogy

Windows 8 tablet

The Empire strikes back and it will strike back even harder! Yes, I am talking about Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Windows Surface tablets – Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro. Both the tablets share the same design almost, but under the hood the RT is an iPad challenger and the Pro is an Ultrabook/Macbook-Air Challenger. The design looks so exciting and refreshing. I am really looking forward to the release of Windows 8. My, what a great ecosystem it would be to have – Windows 8 PC, tablet and phone! Already the Windows 7.5 phones have received so much good reviews for their innovative design and its simplicity and I am sure that the  Windows 8 phones will be a smashing hit.

The two notable features of these two tablets are –

1. Unlike the iPad which is good only for content consumption, the Surface tablets come with a detachable keyboard for content creation as well. The keyboard is not really mechanical, but it is actually the tablet cover that doubles as a slick keyboard.

2. A built-in stand for placing the tablet on a table.

This is such an exciting time for tech enthusiasts.