Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3

Out rides a new knight from the castle of Samsung. This new knight in shining armour looks absolutely stunning. But I am reading comments from some people that it looks ugly! Ugly? Are you people mad?!! Maybe you can say that it looks plain or ordinary but using the word ugly is way too much. To me it looks beautiful, mostly because of its fantastic 4.8 inch display, but I have to say that the Galaxy S2 looks better than the S3. In whatever way you see it, there’s no denying the fact that this is the world’s best phone at the moment. The Apple iPhone 4s is no match for this beast and the HTC One X, another quad core monster, is still a few rungs down the ladder as we’ve seen from the initial benchmark tests. From what we’ve seen, it looks like the Exynos 4212 processor of Samsung is superior to that of the Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor used by HTC One X and also, most importantly, the S3 stands out in the battery tests. What’s more, it even beats the iPad 3 or the new ipad in processing power! I say, that’s simply smashing!

Now what is going to be very interesting is Apple’s reply to this. Will the iPhone 5 match up to its expectations? Some of my thoughts regarding this are –

1. The iPhone 5 will surely be having a quad core processor and at the moment only the Exynos 4212 seems to be the best processor out there. So Apple will be using that processor? They do make use of Samsung’s components, so maybe they will.

2. The display: Apple once stated that 3.5 inch is the best size for a smartphone or something like that,  but now going by the success of massive displays out there they will be using a bigger screen (which sounds like catching up with Samsung).

3. Samsung is about to release only the dual core version of the S3 in the US because, it seems like the 4G networks there + the quadcore combination will suck the battery dry. So will Apple follow the same formula?

This is a beautiful battle that I am enjoying! How about you?

Samsung Galaxy S3 specifications

Sachin Tendulkar Wins!!!

  Mumbai Indians Thrash Chennai

What a match this has been! I am not a fan of T20 cricket and I don’t watch the IPL, but still I do try to watch all the Mumbai Indians matches because I love watching Sachin play! What a Great match winner Sachin is! He led from the front and scored a beautiful 74 from just 44 balls.

Batting first Chennai scored a 173 runs. I initially thought it was going to be a bit difficult for Mumbai as their batting was not consistent throughout this season. But when Sachin is in his elements there’s no stopping him. The Master led the charge and his troops did the rest.

Go Sachin Go!