Earthquake in Chennai!

Today, Chennai experienced three tremors with the first one being the longest; it existed for more than 40 seconds. The second and third barely existed for 10 seconds. I was in my cubicle at office when I experienced all three tremors – it was kind of strange at first, but later it turned out to be pure fun. I evacuated many people from my floor and later joined them to have a great discussion about how everyone felt about it. No one panicked, in fact it was so much fun! One funny thing was that I was the only person who felt all the three tremors. Some only felt the first one and some, the first and the last. The best thing about this earth quake was that no casualties or injuries and damages have been reported (so far) – even in Indonesia where the magnitude was 8.5. I feel sorry about those people there. I am sure that I would have panicked if I was there at that time.

Anyway, All’s well that end’s well!