Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy R and Galaxy M

Apart from the usual reasons like great design and splendid display, the best thing about Samsung smart phones are that we are offered a plethora of choices and the pricing is great.

‘I am looking for a Samsung phone with a display of at least 4 inches.’

‘Would you like to buy the Samsung Galaxy S 2?’

‘Yes, but it costs 30,000 Rupees.’

‘Then how about Galaxy R that costs 23,000?’

‘Sounds great! But that’s still a bit costly, I guess.’

‘How about the new Galaxy M style that costs around 15,000* Rupees?’

‘Wow, that’s exactly what I want!’

*this model was announced very recently and its exact price is unknown.

How many differences can you spot between these two phones?

Samsung Galaxy S2 (left) vs Galaxy R (right)


R – 4.19 Super clear LCD, 800 x 480 resolution

S2 – 4.27 Super AMOLED Plus display, 800 x 480 resolution


R – 1 GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2

S2 – 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos

Please note that S2’s GPU is superior to that of Galaxy R.


R – 1 GB RAM; 8 GB internal storage expandable up to 32 GB

S2 – 1 GB RAM; 16 or 32 GB internal GB expandable up to 32 GB


R – 5 Mp, LED flash, 720p video recording

S2 – 8 Mp, LED flash, 1080p video recording


R and S2 – Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

It’s really great! A Galaxy S2 look-alike phone that costs 7000 Rupees less!


Now coming to Galaxy M…

Display: 4.0 inches Super AMOLED, 640 x 480 resolution

CPU: 1 GHz single core

Memory: 4 GB internal expandable up to 32 GB

Camera: 3.15 Mp, secondary VGA

OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Galaxy M Style – looks great doesn’t it?!

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I Love King Arthur!

About seven years back, I read an abridged version of the book ‘King Arthur and the Knights of the round table’ by Howard Pyle and I was hooked to it from the start. Later I bought another book – ‘The King Arthur Trilogy’ by Rosemary Sutcliff and on that day I swore fealty to His Majesty, King Arthur to be his faithful chivalrous Knight. After that I started collecting every book connected to the Arthurian legend that I came across. Given below is the list of books that I have in my collection.

1. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, by Howard Pyle

2. The King Arthur Trilogy, by Rosemary Sutcliff (One of my favourite books)

3. Knights of the Grail, By Linda Proud

4. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court, by Mark Twain

5. The Sword in the Stone, by T. H. White (I stopped reading this book after the first four or five chapters as it was not to my liking).

Update (5/21/2013):

6. Relics of the Dead, by Ariana Franklin (bought and read during October 2012)

7. Arthurian Romances, by Chretien de Troyes (bought somewhere around April 2013, but yet to be read)

I look forward to read more about His Highness and expand my collection.

God save the King!

The Death of Indian Cricket

My mind is silently screaming in agony as I see India being butchered by Australia at Adelaide. Poor management and captaincy have let down India big time and it is going to take a herculean effort to repair the damage that has been done. In the last few months, MS Dhoni has destroyed the image that Sourav Ganguly had built before he retired. Virendar Sehwag, the stand-in skipper for Dhoni in the fourth and final match, has done a grave error by not dropping Ishant Sharma and VVS Laxman – the weakest links in the Indian line-up. These two still finding a place in the team is beyond my apprehension and it totally defies logic. At least in the case of Laxman it could be justified (by people who support him) by saying that he deserves a chance for all the service that he has done for many years, but why Ishant? Sehwag should have picked Ohja ahead of him. I expected something from Sehwag, but his team selection is no different from that of Dhoni. India is all set to lose this match and this series 4-0. If India are to restore some pride they have to bat out of their skins in the second innings, something that is unlikely to happen, and save this match somehow. Also, they must win the ODI series in a grand manner.

But someone within me thinks differently…

I am not sure if the victories that I mentioned above are good for Indian cricket. If they do manage to win this Test match and the ODI series, then no lessons will be learnt and nothing will change. India must lose the final match and also the ODI series. VVS Laxman and Ishant Sharma should be dropped permanently from all forms of the game and MS Dhoni should be relieved of his Captaincy in Tests. Another thing to be considered is the opening slot. The openers have let us down big time. It is said that a job well begun is half done’ – something that never happened throughout this series. Gautam Gambir will return to his ‘tigerish’ form once he’s back in India, but is that what we want to see? Seeing him score centuries in Indian turners and get out cheaply in bouncy tracks? NO! It is high time for us to do something. Let Sehwag come down the order if that’s what he’s comfortable with. We need a solid opening batsman…WAIT! What am I doing? Oh, just wasting my time! The BCCI is not going to do anything about this as they are content with the money they make. RIP Team India.

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Well said, Bedi!

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Will Laxman be dropped?

I just read in a leading news website that Laxman has no plans to retire and that he will be playing the fourth Test match.

This means Rohit Sharma will never debut in this series. Have you ever seen a captain/management that uses an unchanged team even after losing three matches? Yes, there was a minor change in the bowling unit, but it’s the batting unit that’s flopping big time.

I accept that we are not expecting to see a miracle from Rohit; maybe he’ll get out on a duck if given a chance. But the point is, a team that is losing has to make changes to its playing eleven. I sincerely hope that this news is not true and I want Laxman to be dropped.

MS Dhoni is a stubborn, irresponsible donkey who is always adamant on choosing his favourite players regardless of whether they perform or not. I hope at least Sehwag is not like him. Before Dhoni was banned from playing the fourth match at Adelaide, I wanted India to lose so that the BCCI might decide to sack him completely (but a part of me still wanted to see India win). Since Dhoni is not there to lead the side now, and we have a new captain in the form of Virendar Sehwag, it would be interesting if India somehow manages to secure a victory in the final match.

My Final Team for the Adelaide match:

Sehwag (C)




R Sharma


Saha (WK)


Z Khan


U Yadav

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Well said, Bedi!

Legendary left-arm spinner Bishen Singh Bedi has accused the IPL as the prime reason behind Team India’s debacle. He further goes on to say that, ‘this is what exactly happens when you have non-cricketers running the show.’

Excerpts from his interview:

– It is the men who run IPL” who are more responsible” for this disaster which was waiting to happen.

– If one starts putting things in a broader perspective, you must understand that this is exactly what happens when you have  non-cricketers running the show. You want to run a professional body and at the same time you have all honorary posts.

– Let me make it very clear, you might get a replacement of MS Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir but you won’t find Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman’s replacements. That’s why I am saying that people in charge of the game are laughing their way to bank rather than addressing the key issues.

It is very important to note here that the management is yet to find a proper replacement for Sourav Ganguly (in Tests) who retired from the team more than two years ago. Personally, I would like to see Laxman dropped and there are many who agree. Laxman, in his long career, was never as consistent as Tendulkar or Dravid, but he had this uncanny ability to score his runs in matches when the team desperately needed someone to score. He also played an important role in India’s ascent to the number one spot. But of late, those crucial knocks too have become a rarity.

How to kill the goose that lays golden eggs? Read this article to exactly  understand what the gentleman means.

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Dhoni squanders Ganguly’s hard work


Yes, Dhoni won us the world cup, but I always said that Sourav Ganguly was India’s best captain and the current events that are unfolding at Australia only enforces the point.

The difference between Ganguly and Dhoni? – One world cup final match. Both of them, powered by Sachin Tendulkar, led us to the finals. But one came out victoriously and one lost. That’s all.

Of course, there are other differences like Sourav’s aggression, that many love, and other captaincy tactics that both differ on; but I am just pointing out the main difference.

MS Dhoni reaped the benefits of what Ganguly sowed, but it hasn’t lasted long. Under Ganguly’s captainship India almost lost the image of the so called ‘flat pitch-bullies’ and the ‘poor tourists’ tag, but Dhoni has let us all down. I know that it’s a bit unfair to blame everything on him, but then India went down 4-0 in England and are on the verge of repeating that humiliating loss again in Australia. I hate to say this, but it seems that we are ‘tigers at home and field mice abroad’ after all. India have been humiliated. First in England and now in Australia. This calls for drastic measures; the panic button has to be pressed. Australia are leading this four match series 2-0, and we are about to lose the third match as I am writing this. I strongly suggest that Dhoni be dropped from the Test team. He won us the ODI world cup, so let him continue being the captain of the ODI team. What? Are you saying that we were the number one Test team for two years under his captaincy? Well, all that has come to nothing now. We are back to square one. People are easily saying that we stood at the number one spot because we won many matches at home, not abroad. Away wins consisted of a victory against an ordinary New Zealand team (after a lot of fight, that too) and a drawn series in South Africa. A tour to Australia is as important as a World cup.

Now Dhoni has won a cup and lost another, effectively cancelling ‘the Dhoni effect’.

I am not saying that we should be winning everything, but it’s the way we are losing that is so disappointing to see.

We almost won the Border-Gavaskar trophy in 2004 (series drawn). In 2007 we should have won that cup 2-1, but ended up losing 2-1 because of horrible umpiring decisions in Sydney, and in 2012 we are nowhere near that cup and they are still ‘grooming’ Ishant Sharma. My god! Brad Haddin is laughing at us!

People to be dropped permanently:

1. MS Dhoni

2. VVS Laxman

3. Virat Kohli (I want this guy to be dropped at least for the fourth Test match, but there is no one else to replace him. Rohit   Sharma should replace Laxman.)

4. Ishant Sharma

For those who still support Dhoni…

What is Dhoni’s contribution to the Test team? He’s a poor batsman, an average wicket-keeper, and now he’s failing as a captain. Then, why shouldn’t he be dropped?

Men, prepare the Guillotine! There are heads to be rolled.

Sachin Tendulkar and King Arthur

The current scenario of  Indian cricket reminds me of the words that Merlin once spoke to King Arthur.

” There was darkness before you came and there will be darkness after your time. But your time will be a golden era of such greatness that people will talk about it even after thousands of years! ”

Well, it was not all darkness before Sachin’s time, but we were an average team that had managed to win a world cup; that’s all. We were tagged as poor tourists who did well only in Indian conditions. But all that changed after King Sachin’s arrival. To be exact – we started to perform well when the knights of the round table arrived. I mean Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman. Later this order was further strengthened by other knights; particularly by Virendar Sehwag, the swashbuckler.

But time has taken its toll on our knights, with the exception of Sachin Tendulkar. He seems to be ageless. His foot work is still accurate and his timing as sharp as it was in 1989.  But what is going to happen after their time? I don’t believe in the younger generation. They are a bunch of spoiled brats headed by Virat Kohli who just showed his middle finger at the Australian crowd. Yes, he was insulted, but this is not the first time that such a thing has happened. Crowds can become a bit rowdy at times, but never have our gentle cricketers done such a thing before.  Test cricket needs hard working and humble people like Sachin, Dravid ,and Laxman; and not people like Virat Kohli.

I am glad that he’ll be dropped next match. Okay, two of our promising youngsters (Kohli and Raina) aren’t able to cope to the demands of Test cricket, and now our only hope is Rohit Sharma. But he is going to debut at Perth; a place that is deemed as Australia’s fortress. But we breached this fortress four years ago; something which no team was able to do for 10 years! But can we  do it again? I doubt it. I won’t be surprised if Rohit fails at Perth. I wish him luck.

It is already time for our brave knight Sir Laxman to visit Avalon. But I believe that Rahul and Sachin still have more time left. Particularly Sachin has a lot of time and we need our King more than anyone else; for who can fill his boots?  And the most worrying thing is that we don’t have anyone who can be as good, as hard working, and as  humble as Rahul Dravid.

Is this the start of Dark ages?