How Big are you?

A friend of mine forwarded me a mail that asked me a simple question at the end. Maybe you’ve read this before, but it’s completely worth rereading.


It’s rather dazzling to see it presented this way.










Wishing you a Happy New Year 2012!!!

2011 – a review

2011 was a great year – I wish I could say that. But the truth is 2011 was just another year. In fact, at the start of this year I thought that I went through two bad phases. But I’ve overcome them with all the positivity that I could muster. But the best part is that I learnt some new things – a lot of things. I managed to get back to my reading habit after two years, though as not as much I read during my college years. Professionally it was good. I received an award and also got promoted (there were a lot of promotions this year as my company did really well) . But life’s boring and I crave for a good change. I expected a lot of good things to happen in 2011, but it didn’t. On the good side, as I have mentioned, I did learn a lot of good things that I am happy about. At the end of this year I am a more positive and a more confident person than I was at the start of this year which is good. But I do want to be insanely positive! I’ll be hoping to achieve that target in 2012. There are lots of things to be learnt and I hope with all my heart that I am able to do that next year. I do hope that a big change happens! It will, I am sure of that! If it doesn’t, then I will make it happen.

Wishing you a Happy and prosperous New Year 2012!!!

First Test India vs Australia at MCG, Melbourne

What a match it has been so far! The Boxing day Test has been a match of fluctuating fortunes for both the teams. It is Day 4 tomorrow and we’ll get to know which team will go on to win this match at the end of the day. Just look at which team dominated on each day –

Day 1 :Was even

Day 2: Again hard to decide the winning side

Day 3: Seems to be even

Most websites have reported that the match is evenly poised and some even predict an Indian victory. If you ask me I will say that the match favours Australia more than India. Yes it is possible for India to win, but even if they win it’s going to be a very close finish.

In the mean time, just enjoy this video of Sachin Tendulkar receiving a standing ovation at the MCG on Day 2!


Day 4: India have been crushed by Australia.

Sachin Tendulkar VS Sir Don Bradman

A few days back an Australian researcher came up with a new theory that puts Sachin Tendulkar ahead of Don Bradman. Both of them are the masters of the game and are way ahead than anyone who has played cricket so far. In this little article I am not going to try to show how the Don is greater than Sachin or how Sachin is greater than Don because these kind of comparisons, as some would say, are quite unnecessary. Both are greats and it is really difficult to come up with a clear winner as they belonged to different eras and  played in different conditions. I am a Sachin Tendulkar fan and if someone says to me that Bradman is greater, then I would just say that the comparison is wrong and they both are equal, but if they insist and demean Sachin in any way then I have no other way than coming to Sachin’s rescue. For I can also argue that Sachin is the best player to have played this game and that he is the greatest. There are some things that show how Sachin is greater than Don. For example –

Would Bradman have an average of 99.94 if he had played more than 180 Test matches and 450 ODI matches?

Or I can reverse this question and ask – Would Sachin average 99.94 if he had played only about 50 or 60 Test matches in a span of 20 years against just 4 teams repeatedly? ( Bradman played about 37 matches against England alone)

No one can answer these questions because both had their advantages and disadvantages. So it is best to say that both are equals and it is not correct to compare these Kings of Cricket.

A note to Sachin haters

Also, I see some of my fellow Indians, who despise Tendulkar for some reason, say that he is a selfish player who plays for his own records! What utter rubbish! If that is the case then all selfish people in this world would be great record holders in their own fields.

My Sachin-hater friend, let me tell you one thing – what you say is actually the other way around. Yes, I see that he slows down a bit when he tries to get his century, but is that a crime? He slows down not for himself but for us. Understand that first! There are millions of people who pray when he is in the 90s and Sachin Tendulkar slows down because he knows that we are praying. He knows that there are millions who are expecting something from him. Can you handle that pressure? We often hear about students committing suicide under extreme pressure of expectations. Before you raise a finger against Tendulkar think if you can handle even a quarter of that pressure. It takes a great man to know that there are people who pray for him, to understand that many tabloids sing his praises, and still be humble and still manage to go about his way keeping his sanity intact.

How big a match winner is he?

Out of Sachin’s 48 ODI tons 33 of them put India on the winning side with a winning percentage of 68.75. India have lost only 13 times and one match was a tie. That’s good.

But some people are still not satisfied…so another comparison.

Sourav Ganguly – 18 of his 22 tons ended in victories. The winning percentage is 81.81! Wow, that’s great!

Virendar Sehwag – 14 ODI tons with India winning 13 matches. Winning percentage 92.85. Even better than Ganguly.

But what is the average of Ganguly and Sehwag against Australia when compared to Sachin ?

Ganguly – 23.45 (no use in smashing the minnows and Sri Lankans in flat pitches)

Sehwag  – 22.37 (most know that Sehwag is better in Tests than he is in ODIs)

Sachin   –  46.33

Shows his class!

If Sachin is let down by his team mates what can he do about it?

Coming to Test cricket – The Indian team has been playing Test matches from the 1930s I think, and the number of matches we’ve managed to win so far is very very less (remember that there are three outcomes in test matches). So please don’t expect one man’s career to have a lot of winning matches. Unlike ODI, in Test we need good bowlers to take 20 wickets to win a game and I think that I can count with just my one hand to list such top class bowlers that India has managed to produce so far.

One more thing – Rahul Dravid, as people call him, is a wall. If you say that Sachin is not a match winner then so is Dravid. He’s a wall who puts a stop to an opponent’s winning march. That’s it. He hasn’t single-handedly won us matches. He has helped us draw matches because of his slow style of playing. I am sorry Dravid. I do understand your class, but I have to do this comparison in an illiterate way for the sake of some illiterates!

But don’t get me wrong. I side with Sachin only when people try to point out the wrong things. Otherwise I am also a fan of Ganguly (I still say that he is a better Captain than Dhoni), Sehwag and Dravid.



I dedicate this little post to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar ahead of the 2011-2012 Australia tour which commences tomorrow. All the Best Sachin!


India’s tour of Australia 2011

     – My mad ravings about the England tour and my wishes to Indian team for winning the Australia tour.

Our Indian team will be facing their host Australia within a week on the Boxing day Test match and needless to say the excitement is building for all cricket lovers. It’s going to be a great series. But still I am holding myself from getting too excited as the pain that we suffered at England some moons back is still fresh in my mind. I totally love when India tours England and I was very much looking forward to a good contest. But what happened? Disaster. Disaster with a capital D. Under M S Dhoni’s leadership India has seen its best victory and also its worst loss. No Indian Captain has this distinction of getting a World Cup and also a hard slap across the face at the same time. I am far fetching it…I know…But it was so painful. A 4 – 0 loss in a test series! I’ve never seen such a loss before. The magnitude of it! The World Cup, a Test tour to England and Australia are my favourite cricketing events and each tournament happens only once in every four years. I know that there’s no use in mourning about this loss, but what is very agonizing is the way in which we lost it. I am not saying that India should have won it to keep my mouth shut, but look at this example below.

In the year 2007 India toured Australia. They reached there in mid-December, just like this year, and started the series with a Boxing day test. They lost the match horribly, the second match too was a heart-breaking loss, we won the third and drew the last. So we lost the four match series 2-1.

But I loved this series. Each and every moment of this series is etched in my mind. I will go on to say that this is India’s best Test series so far in terms of entertainment (as far as I’ve seen Test matches). We fought. We fought bravely and truly, but finally we lost. But the commitment, the determination and the courage that we showed was the best thing of that series and that is what we lacked totally in England.

Why did we lose to England?

We lost because of the Indian player’s greediness.

I can’t think of any other reason.

God’s Fury:It looked like God wanted to punish the Indian team for their greediness. It sounds absurd, but that’s how it looked.

First Sehwag was injured even before that start of the series, then Zaheer played only the first day of the total series and after that the injury list got bigger and bigger –

Gautam Gambhir

God commands: Let a ball hit you on your elbow and let that land you out of the tournament!

Someone smashes a ball on his right elbow and he’s sent to the hospital on the first innings of the 2nd match. But on the final day he comes in to bat.

God: How dare you come again? Fall down and die get back to India!

So in the next match someone hits the ball high in the air and Gambir walks backward to catch it and oops! He falls on his back and hits his head.

Yuvraj Singh (forgets the fact that the ball can bounce a bit higher in England and breaks his fingers while trying to hit defend the ball)

Praveen Kumar (missed the 4th Test)



Players who got injured after the Test series (some of them got injured during the ODI series):

Sachin Tendulkar

Ishant Sharma

Harbhajan Singh

Rohit Sharma

Total number of injured players = 10

This sounds totally idiotic, I can see that. But I was not kidding when I stated that God punished the players. Either it was that or it was some kind of a jinx. Or else, how do you explain this?

Three prime examples that supports my claim–

1. India also lost the ODI series 4 – 0 out of pure bad luck. In the list above Rohit Sharma was out of that tournament injured after playing his very first ball.

2. Sehwag was made to play the 3rd Test and he scored Two Golden Ducks on both the innings. In cricketing terminology it’s called a ‘King Pair’ which means getting out on a duck on the first ball of both the innings in a Test match. How many times have you seen this in your lifetime?

Notice this: Getting out on a ‘A Pair’ is getting out for ducks in both innings after facing a few deliveries. But Sehwag was out on a ‘King Pair.’

3. The only time India looked like winning something was during the second ODI, but rain stopped play. See? Has anyone ever seen a series like this before? And Sachin is still searching for that 100th ton.

(I know I sound like a fool, but I am unable to stop myself from writing this).

Why? Why of all things that they could have chosen to do did they choose to play IPL after a gap of just a week after playing the World Cup?

In fact, before the world cup started they had a tough time at South Africa. After all this time of work, a man needs rest. But they chose to play.

I am a hard core Sachin Tendulkar fan but I was really not happy when he decided to play in the IPL and to opt out of the West Indies series. That was a huge blunder. If you ask me to point out three people who were responsible for India’s loss I would say –

1. Sachin Tendulkar

2. Virendar Sehwag

3. Zaheer Khan

Sachin – For opting out of the WI tour where he could have easily scored his Hundredth Hundred . This is the main reason. If he had scored his 100th Ton in WI, then he would have played with a free mind in England and that would have saved a lot of trouble.

Sehwag – He can sometimes be a total idiot. He’s a good man who doesn’t like to think. He has his own simple theories about cricket and life and I have to admit that he’s really good at simplifying things (‘See ball. Hit ball’). But I think that he simplifies because he cannot think much. We cannot blame him because as I said, he doesn’t think. He just wanted to play IPL and that’s it. He played. But Sachin? Sachin you are supposed to be a genius.

Zaheer – He has become an old man too quickly. He should know his body well and should have stopped himself from playing in the IPL. But he didn’t.

I have pointed out only these three because they are most important for India to win a series. Please note that Dravid doesn’t play ODI anymore and so he is free to choose to play in the IPL or to go fishing to spend his time when he’s not playing for India.

Coming back to the 2011-2012 tour of Australia – what do we have in store? We’ll see….we’ll see. I am not saying anything more.

God Speed, Team India! God Speed!

Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core ARM Cortex A9

This is so exciting!!!

It’s been sometime since the annoncement of the Tegra 3 processor from nvidia and I am eagerly awaiting to see the phones that are going to make use of this new technology (we’ll be getting ’em next year). We are seeing cell phones with dual-core CPUs in the market now, but imagine a beastly device that sports a quad-core processor. Just think about the blazing speeds with which we can download content and browse the internet! I can’t wait to get hold of a Tegra 3 beauty! It seems that HTC is going to produce the first quad-core mobile phone and that Apple iPhone 5 too will have a quad-core processor (there are also reports of a quad-core Samsung Galaxy S3).

But there are other things that comes to my mind other than the cost factor. The battery and the over-heating problem. What are the manufacturers going to do about it? Nvidia says that Tegra 3 consumes lesser power than Tegra 2 (dual-core), so it naturally means that the current battery standards are going to hold good. But I am seeing that everything is improving other than the battery technology. A prime example for this is the Samsung Galaxy Note. This phone-tablet hybrid sports a big screen that consumes a lot of power. So the guys at Samsung have made an extra-large but slim battery to feed this beast of a machine. But you can’t go on making the batteries big. Someone ought to do something about this soon. Hmmm….I am sure they will 🙂

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