I said this first!

I was watching the first ODI between India and England today and I really enjoyed the way Parthiv Patel and Rahane played. It was so delightful to watch!

Patel looked like a left handed Tendulkar and Rahane looked like a right handed Ganguly!

This thought occurred to me after I saw Patel play a  shot that Tendulkar invented . A steep bouncer was bowled by Anderson to him on his off side, and Patel transfered his body weight on to his back foot and spooned the ball for a four!  You know, the shot in which the bat is held above the head and the ball just bounces on top of the bat and goes for four! Sachin first played this shot in the 2007-2008 Australia tour at Perth.

Now coming to think of Patel, he’s short and a bit stout and looks a bit childish just like the Master 🙂 Hope he plays like him in the future.