If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

Interesting question…but I know the answer to this one instantaneously: The art of Communication¬† – in both its major forms – speaking and writing. I would like to perfect this art so precisely that I would be the world’s best author and orator! How I would like that! Mostly I would be writing, book after book. I would setup¬† a library of books that were authored by me. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

If I am to write a book, what book will I write?

I really do want to write a book. There’s a writer sleeping within me and he wants to be awake and active.

I know what I will write – A children’s book in Enid Blyton’s style. That would be absolutely smashing!

I have already made up mind on what to write. No, I won’t be revealing what my idea is. It’s a secret. My day job is taking away all my precious time and I am not at all in the mood to write anything during the weekends. How pathetic! I am seriously thinking of quitting my job to live the life that I want to. I am a man of the Arts. I love doing everything that is related to arts. But the only thing that I am good at is writing, and it is also the only thing that I love to do so very much! When am I going to start writing? God help me!