The Master Key System

I am currently reading this book – The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel and it seems to be a great book so far. Have read the first two chapters – one chapter for each week, as there are exercises given at the end of each chapter to practice for a whole week or until you master the exercise. I read some fascinating things in this book and I would like to summarize what I have read so far.

Chapter 1 and 2:

There are two worlds – the world that is outside us and the world that is within us. The world within is governed by our mind. We can find infinite wisdom, power and supply of all that is necessary within our world.

Using our subconscious mind we can do anything we want. All that has happened to us is because of our thoughts. Thoughts are energy; we can use them to shape our world. So it is vital to control our thoughts.

We do things with our conscious mind and we can make mistakes while we do things. Things like writing something, singing or any voluntary action. Our subconscious mind controls things like our blood circulation, heart beats, our breathing, etc. So when our subconscious mind is in charge of a task it does it perfectly unlike our conscious mind. So the idea here is what if we do voluntary things using our subconscious mind. We can do things correctly and we’ll be the Kings of the world! Now doesn’t that sound great? It will be great if we can put to practice the things given in the book.

The exercise given in Chapter 1 is to sit still without moving our body for 20 or 30 minutes. We just have to sit still, no need to meditate. I did this easily. But I had difficulties in executing the second task. We have to sit still and must stop thinking. This would help us to control our thoughts. Guess, I have to go to meditation classes to accomplish this, for I have a highly imaginative mind and I consider myself as a great thinker. I think a lot.

I have added below a few thought provoking lines from that book.

– The source of all power is the world within, the Universal Fountain of supply, the Infinite Energy of which each individual is an outlet.

– Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power.

– It has been found that by plainly stating to the subconscious mind certain specific things to be accomplished, forces are set in operation that lead to the result desired.

– We shall find that there is a vast difference between simply thinking, and directing our thought consciously, systematically, and constructively; when we do this we place our mind in harmony withthe Universal Mind , we come in tune with the Infinite, we set in operation the mightiest force in existence – the creative power of the Universal Mind.

Will update this post after reading the third chapter.