India crash out of T20 world cup!

India has been badly defeated in the ongoing T20 world cup. India is the only team out of the ‘Super 8’ to have lost all three of the second round matches. There are a lot of people who are sad, angry or happy about this. So in which category do I fall?

A. Sad

B. Angry

C. Happy

None of the above! Okay, to state the truth, a mixture of B and C. C? Why should I be happy about India losing, being an Indian? I am happy because at least now people will realize (a lot of people already have) the reason behind this humiliation. You are correct, it is the three letter abbreviation – IPL. Playing non-stop cricket for more than a month and attending night parties (how will your body cope with that?) before the world cup. Naturally the players will be tired both mentally and physically. And hey presto, know what?! Dhoni knows the reason for their failure – tadaaa – late night parties! What a brainy fellow! You idiotic, senseless, drunkard moron, do you have any responsibility? Most young players of India and also the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) don’t know the meaning of the word responsibility. How could the BCCI accept the late night parties? They just want the money. Now they are saying that it was an individual player’s choice to attend a party. The BCCI members must be ruthlessly sacked. There is a rule that the players are not allowed to bring their wives or girlfriends to foreign tours. What about the girls who danced with the players in the parties? The BCCI arranged for this. Cost of an entry ticket Rupees 40,000. It’s all about money.

On February 14th, 2010, before the start of  IPL 3 I said a few things about playing in IPL 3. Click here to read it.

Sachin had opted out of International T20, stating that he didn’t want to disturb the combination of the 2007 winning team. Moreover, at that time T20 was considered as a format for youngsters not older players like Sachin (I think this was one of the reason why Sachin opted out of the T20 team, otherwise he is always ready to play cricket, whatever format it be). He is a mighty lion who roared and showed the world, that he could play any format, in IPL 3. Everyone knows that he’s the top scorer in IPL 3.

Sachin Tendulkar is a great man. He didn’t attend any late night IPL parties. He was at home (when India was playing the T20 world cup)taking the must required rest that he needs before playing all the important matches we have this year and most importantly the ODI world cup at the start of 2011. Why can’t the younger generation follow him? They could have avoided the parties at least. If the T20 world cup is so important (I don’t care about it) then they should have avoided IPL or should have played less matches.

Gautam Gambhir is a great man. He once said that a player should take rest only after retirement, and until then he should play non-stop cricket. What an idea, sirji! What great thinking!

A good thing has happened to Virendar Sehwag – has got himself injured, just like last year! This is the second consecutive time that he is missing the T20 world cup because of IPL. How much can a body take? Take rest, my dear!

I hope that the IPL gets banned. Period