Mumbai Indians loses to CSK

I call 2o-2o cricket  crap cricket – any form of 20-20 (I mean IPL, CL or international 20-20). I love the Test and ODI cricket forms more than this junk form of cricket. But I accept, it is very good to watch. But junk food can’t be your main food always. Whether this IPL 20-20 is crap or not, I always want Sachin to win. In any form of cricket I want Sachin to win. But MI lost to the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the final match.

I am a Chennai guy, my birthplace is Chennai and my mother tongue is Tamil. But I support the Mumbai Indians because of Sachin.  I love him.  I just can’t bear the fact that he has lost to Dhoni. I hate Dhoni. I always consider Sachin’s loss as my loss. Right now I am mourning this loss. Sachin played with five stitches in his hand, with a lot of pain. But he lost.

I love you Sachin with all my heart!

I just can’t take this!