The Superman called Sachin Tendulkar

Celebrating Sachin!

Every man in this world wants to be a Superman. But not many people are lucky enough to become one. It is very rare to see such a superman. Fortunately, our nation (India) does have a Superman in the form of Sachin Tendulkar.I bow before my Master as he stands majestically, creating a new world record.

The barrier called 200 was never crossed before in ODI matches, and it now has been.The following (below the photo and above the dotted line) was drafted by me yesterday (24-2-2010) when Sachin had crossed the 100 mark. I didn’t had the faintest idea that he was going to get a double hundred at that time.

No one in this entire world has delighted me and made me nervous at the same time as Sachin has.I was so nervous when Sachin was in his 190’s – I visualized him reaching his double ton, I visualized sending SMSes to my friends stating that Sachin has reached a new pinnacle. But I didn’t touch my mobile until I was sure of the fact that he had a 200 under his belt.

It has been almost a month since the mighty South African forces landed on the Indian Shores.

They are here for victory, as always. The mighty battle of patience and perseverance is finally over between the two forces and none has emerged as the victor.

The battle ended in a draw.  But in the final battle, India showed why it has been rated as the number one side in the longer format of the battle which tests the patience, strength, concentration levels and skills of each and every Knight  in an army.

Now, in this shorter battle version which lasts for a day, we continue to fight against the South Africans.

As always our great Knight of all times Sir Sachin Tendulkar is leading from the front with his swashbuckling 46th century.

He is a great master Knight who can destroy any kind of attack.

But we need to be cautious as the Africans do have good knights in their ranks and they too have a master Knight in the form of Kallis.

He may not be as great as Sir Sachin, but he still is a master.

Sachin is nearing his double ton as I am writing this post.







He has scored his double century – A world record!!!

I sincerely wish that no one breaks it in future, except Sachin himself.

My  fingers  are  trembling  with  delight  as  I am  typing  this!

May God bless him with more hunger for runs and with health!


I am not a superstitious person, but I always become one when it comes to you!

I love you Sachin, with all my heart!

Sachin is the only person whom I idolize. There are a lot of things to be learnt from him.I learned a few things from him. How to become a Superman…

–          Being humble and polite ( when I achieve massive success in life, I sincerely doubt if I could be humble for some time! I will take time to come back to earth!)

–          Sachin said the following words after a match in 2007: “The best way to survive a threatening attack is to counter attack.” These words struck like a bolt of lightning when I was casually sitting and watching him speak. This is very much applicable to life. If anyone or any situation frightens you, attack it! So be bold and try to solve any problem.

–          A Superman is always calm even in the most dark times.

These are some characteristics of a Superman.

Success! – is achieving this word means being a Superman? No!

Anyone can achieve  success. Bill Gates has achieved massive success. Is he a Superman? Maybe in a way; but not as complete as Sachin Tendulkar.

Some may not agree to this. Bill Gates is a genius. He is tremendously rich. He earned all those money through his brilliance.Even Sachin is called a genius. But people may point to Bill Gates when it comes to intelligence.

I have one question – who does people love more, Sachin Tendulkar or Bill Gates?

Personally, whom do you like, Sachin or Bill ?

How can anyone love a businessman/inventor/innovator ? We admire Bill gates, but not love him. (Maybe you don’t love Sachin, but there are millions of people who love him.There are even Sachin fanatics who write to him in blood; there have been instances when someone touched his feet and prayed.)

I don’t think that there are any Bill Gates fanatics.

Conclusion: We need a miracle to become a Superman!

PS:  I believe in miracles 🙂